New York Subway Photos Taken By a 17 Year Old Stanley Kubrick

February 1, 2016

kubricksubway-9 (1)


See the full set here

Outline Illustration Concepts for Landing Pages

January 29, 2016



Just found these on my off-cloud hard-drive type thing.

By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea

January 27, 2016

CF000313 18x24




Brilliant Illustrations

January 23, 2016



See more here

Working on some coffee cup sleeves for work

January 20, 2016

Check out my ‘3D visualisation’ skills.



A clever way to visualise your surroundings

November 1, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 10.32.08

I need to draw myself one of these to stop getting disorientated in Central London.

Creating a Design Brief

October 26, 2015


Writing an effective design brief is like sending someone grocery shopping with a proper list. If you want own-brand fair-trade green tea bags you need to specify this in the design brief ( shopping list ). If not you’ll probably end up getting a box of PG tips. In which and you’ll need to send your Designer back to the shops.

Great Illustrations

October 21, 2015



16 Minute logo Job

October 16, 2015



NH just asked me to redesign the Baselist CRM logo. The brief was ‘it’s looking a bit tired’. This is what I came up with in 16 minutes.

Going with the top right:




App favicons:


Now THIS is a great logo

October 16, 2015



Grab one here:

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