August 14, 2018

Hydra Quick Logo Design Concept

As part of a job application I decided to have a go at re-designing the company’s logo. Hopefully the following images should give you an idea of how this process works and the challenges in creating something that’s small enough to be used as a browser tab favicon. The favicon is the small image that is used to identify the tab. Favicons are also used next to lists of links in browser histories.

The Hydra was a mythical serpent-like creature. Unfortunately for us the Hydra’s key differentiator in the mythical world was that it was multi-headed.

This presents us with a challenge if we want to create a logo that is flexible enough to be used as a favicon or touch icon. 

Ideally we’d want something like this, or this,

Or this,

I have a hunch those teeth are gonna give us problems at low res. What does out Hydra look like without them?

I think they still look ‘serpentine-ish’ and ‘mythical-ish’. Finally lets make all the heads look like they are growing out of the same body.

I think there is still too much detail to scale down to 16 x 16 pixels. Let get rid of a head.

A this point I’d be checking that the concept still works by getting some feedback from stakeholders. I’d also be developing a couple more executions.

Maybe more teeth?

Maybe a more serpent-like eye?