The problem

Fifty Five and Five wanted to freshen their brand prior to undertaking and extensive full re-brand when the agency were less busy. With that in mind, the goal was to quickly develop a more contemporary visual style while trying to retain many of the current brand elements. Fifty Five and Five also wanted to reconcile a number of different visual treatments that had evolved over the years into a more cohesive visual style.

The solution

After undertaking a number of agile brand workshops, it was decided to retain the logo, core font and colour system. As a result, the brand mark geometry was corrected and a simple set of geometric shapes based on the brand mark was developed.

These shapes combined to create a flexible system that formed the basis of the interim brand. Because a number of the previous core brand elements were retained, it was straightforward to incrementally transition many of the brand touchpoints such as websites, blogs, and emails to the new interim brand without the disruption of a complete re-branding exercise.

The outcome

This simple, flexible approach allowed the Fifty Five and Five to re-align various brand elements to create a more contemporary and consistent look for the agency. It also allowed the agency to continue to service clients and plan for a more in-depth and comprehensive re-brand in the future.