The problem

Fifty Five and Five's existing brand was serviceable, but they wanted a new brand that was aligned more closely with the ambitions of the company. A distinct brand that would enhance their credibility and amplify their extensive domain knowledge was needed. They wanted to grow the agency and take on an even greater number of high profile clients. To do that, they needed a brand that could scale quickly and enable them to compete with larger agencies.

The solution

With motion becoming increasingly important for digital brands, movement was a pivotal component in the development of this, one of three creative routes. At the idea's core are simple geometric shapes which can be animated quickly and programmatically. This approach opens up the potential for dynamically generated content, which can be reconfigured endlessly at scale and speed. The supporting brand elements such as the brand mark and icons were all designed with this dynamic motion-centred approach in mind.

The outcome

Although another route was eventually chosen, the ideas around programmatic image generation are something that the agency plan to explore in future. How brand messaging can be brought to life with animation is also something that the creative team at Fifty Five and Five consider when developing creative solutions for internal and client work.