02 Academy

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The Acdemy Music Group are looking for enthusiastic people who love music to join our Street Team

Tell Me More About the 02 Academy Street Team

Q: What does the Street Team do?

A: The Street Teamís main purpose is to inform people about shows happening in your area. This might mean distributing flyers outside venues or putting posters up around town as well as spreading the word online.

Q: Do I get to drive around in a cool van like the A-Team?

A: Not exactly, you have to get to and from the venues using your own transport. Skateboards, bikes legs or the No 12 bus are all potential modes of transport.

Q: So, I stand outside gigs in the freezing cold and rain handing out flyers, er.., whatís in it for me?

A: Guaranteed FREE entry to loads of gigs & club nights! There are plenty of opportunities to get paid work and it looks great on your CV. Itís also a fantastic way to get your foot in the door to the music industryÖif thatís what youíre looking for!

Q: The A Team had rocket launchers and helicopters, what equipment do I need?

A: Fully charged mobile phone with credit, a warm coat, gloves, hat, a travel card, pride in your knowledge of bus routes, and most importantly a smiley face.

Q: How old do I have to be?

A: As long as you can prove you are 16 years of ageÖyouíre good to go!

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