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The Mean Fiddler group is looking for hyper-enthusiastic music lovers to help distribute flyers throughout your area NOW — you in?

  • Do you love live music?
  • If yes, we are putting together an elite street team together to help you see the bands and club nights you love for free!
  • What do I have to do?
  • For 3 hours work flyering, chatting to other music freaks in London and generally hitting the streets with the good word of music. Your path to righteousness is set and you’ll have your name on the guest-list for the shows on our calendar.
  • Possibilities?
  • A consistent Street Team member will have endless possibilities for future shows, connections in the music industry and something extra to put on their CV. It is completely what YOU make it and members will be looked after well by the team and their colleagues.
  • Checklist:
  • Mobile! Legs! Enthusiasm!


Good luck from the Street Team

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Street Team Advert Apply for the street team

Street Team Advert Apply for the street team